Elemental Refugee

Earth My Body
Water My Blood
Air My Breath and
Fire My Spirit
This is my symbol. A pentacle: five pointed star inside of a circle. (Not to be mistaken for the Pentagram which is a star with no circle.) Each point represent an element; elements that are part of me and who I am. Though my true element is Earth, every other element is part of me. The elemental pentacle represents our war of thinking about the existence of things, starting at the top with Spirit (Life Force).
 Everything that follows is a building block to all life.
Each element on the pentacle is represented by colors and aspects of life. I will make it easier for you.
SPIRIT White,Black,Clear, Violet Divinity, Consciousness, Harmony
AIR Yellow, Light Grey, White Clarity, Intelligence
FIRE Orange, Red Passion, Vitality
WATER Blue Emotion, Memory
EARTH Green, Brown, Black Body, Health
As you can see, each element has a corresponding color and aspect of life. Those of you who meditate focus mostly on the Spirit aspect, trying to gain Harmony in oneself; but you also use the other elements as well. Air for the breathing to clean out your body, Fire to rejuvenate the soul, Water to control your emotions, and Earth to ground your body and let the energies flow to heal your body.
For Pagans, the colors play the role of symbolism to the Pentacle. This brings me to casting a circle.
Each element, save for Spirit, represents a direction. Earth is North, Air is East, Fire is south, and Water is West.
Element: Earth
Energies: Steady, Rhythmic Grounded. Heartbeat of the Mother.
Spirits: Athena -Demeter – Rhea – Herne – Pan – Ariel – Ghob – Gnomes – Agla
Colors: Green – Violet – Brown – Black – Gold – White – Deep blue of earth- Purple
Element: Air
Energies: Swift – Mercurial – Changeable
Spirits: Danu – Mercury – Athena – Kuan Yin – Sylphs – Raphael – Buddha
Colors: White – Yellow – Peach – Gold – Turquoise blue – Rainbow colors
Element: Fire
Energies: Quick, rapid fire. The journey of purification
Spirits: Bridget – Pele – Mars – Djim – Michael – Salamanders – Adonai
Colors: Red – Orange – Scarlet – Yellow – Blue of flame – Gold
Element: Water
Energies: Tidal. It ebbs and flows, but never floods. The journey to Innver Vision.
Spirits: Poseidon – Neptune – Isis – Arianhrod – Selene – Hecate – Gabriel – Niksa – Undines – Eheieh
Colors: Blue – Green – Aqua – Grey – Black – Indigo – Blue gray – White of the sea foam in moonlight
Now that you have a good idea how we set up our circles with elements, let me say thanks to those sites that helped me explain all of this to you:
The Pentacle is the symbol of our religion. Just as the cross, cresent moon, and others are symbols of all the religions in the world.
To be honest with you, I do not think any religion is wrong (except scientology). All are right in their own way. There are just holes that need to be filled and crazy shit that needs to be taken out. We are all followers of one thing or another. We should never ever go against another human being for what they believe (except scientologists) and accept those who are different. We, as humans, can never achieve happiness, nirvana, or enlightenment unless we believe that we can coexist.
~Blessed Be )O(

Heretic or Dying Craft?

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I know most people of whom I associate with aren’t what I am: An Animist Pagan. Assuming you’re not a pagan and you’re reading this, that means you probably think I’m a Satanic heathen and have no other path than the one that leads straight to your hell. You have EVERY right to believe that. You can tell me what you think and I will listen with a thoughtful ear, but by gods if you do not listen to me and what I have to say, then you are no better than those who crucified your savior thousands of years ago.

Animism comes from the Latin term anima meaning “Soul Life”. It is a spiritual belief that souls and spirits not only exist in humans but also in all other animals, plants, rocks natural phenomena such as thunder, geographic features such as mountains or rivers, or other entities of the natural environment. Throughout history, philosophers like Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas, and others, contemplated the theory that souls resided in the examples above.

Most people automatically associate Pagans with witches and to be completely honest, that is exactly what we are in the long run. Imagine Paganism as a huge umbrella. Under it are pieces of thread and on the end of that thread there are other religions: Wicca, Gardnerian, Druidry, Neopaganism, Alchemy, Shamanism, Eclectic, Slavic, and Stav. It’s JUST LIKE Christian churches having denominations. Each believes in a different way of worship than others.

Now that I’ve explained all that I feel like explaining, let me tell you what I do personally.
I worship the Goddess and the God who is her consort. I worship the earth because she gives us life and takes it away. I worship the moon because it gives us guidance through the night. I worship the sun who also gives us life and light in our darkest hour. I worship the ocean who is ever-changing and gives life. I worship the faeries who bring joy and happiness to those who are in need. I DO NOT worship the devil because there isn’t one to worship. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING has a light and dark side. Without the light there can be no dark and vice versa.

I do circles with my coven on Sabbats (Pagan Holidays) and spells when the need arises. Do I believe I can do whatever by casting spells? No, that’s impossible, but I can use my and the earth’s energy to influence things to come to fruition. I can do whatever I set my mind to. We are powerful, we are brothers and sisters, we are music makers and the dreamers of dreams. Yet, like you, we are human.

~Blessed Be )O(

Merry Meet

It never really occurred to me, but who would really want to read about me? I’ve seen others do it and amazingly enough, people read about their lives. So why am I doing this?
People ask so many questions of me, it’s ridiculous. Instead of telling the same story over and over I guess this will help them understand what I do with myself. Be forewarned that some stuff I share may not be what you think or agree with. My lifestyle, home life, family, crafts, and hobbies will be on here. Nothing inappropriate, trust me.

So let me introduce myself:

Name: Casey Leigh Patat
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Birthday: January 12, 1989
Race: Caucasian
Job: Wally World Employee
Status: Engaged
Hometown: Marietta, Ga.
Current Town: Sparta, Tn
Religion: Pagan, Animist, Atheist
My day to day life consists of work, home, some more work, family, and magick. I strive for balance in my life. I look for positive thoughts, energies, and objects to surround myself with. There are always negatives floating around in the atmosphere, but there wouldn’t be light with dark, right? I’m a sponge for knowledge. I love learning new things and learning everything. I’m eclectic in my hobbies and interests. I need variety in my life or it would just be boring. My attitude toward people change from day to day. Sometimes I lose all hope in humanity, and other days I think human beings are the most amazing creatures. I love seeing people smile that genuine happy smile. I want my friends and family to always smile knowing that life is wonderful.
I work hard as does anyone who wants to have a happy life. I do procrastinate, but I still manage to push myself to do what needs to be done. Sometimes I can’t when the situation changes, but hey, life can’t go by your chosen schedule.
I’m a freethinker. I don’t like the idea of being tied down to a series of constant thought consisting of one thing. I have to let my mind go in all directions like a firework. Give me any subject and I’ll talk for hours on it, but I gotta change the subject at least three times. I love talking. It’s expression and that’s important to any person with an artistic side.
I previously had another blog and I’m slowly moving posts from there to this one. I like this layout a little bit better. I’ll be sharing my views on life, love, religion, science, music, art, and anything that pops into my little ginger head. I’ll talk about family, friends, enemies, maybe some politics. Hopefully you readers will enjoy my writings. Get to know me: a back woods raised, red headed pagan.