Day three if the thirty things list is to describe your relationship with your parents. Hoooo, this is gonna be a doozy.

I love my parents with every fiber of my being. They divorced when I was fifteen. My mother found out that my dad had an affair with a woman that ended up having a little boy. By that time he was about four. Since then they went their separate ways, but still spoke and helped each other out for our sake. My dad is a truck driver and that’s all I’ve known him to do. My mom works at a factory and lives with her abusive redneck boyfriend. As of right now I’m talking to both of them on a regular basis where before I would only talk to one or the other once a month. I get my sarcasm from my dad. He is, in general, an asshat. He loves to crack jokes, laugh, and make fun of stupid people. He tries to be laid back but it doesn’t work all the time. I’m comfortable talking to him more than I am my mom. I guess it’s because he will call to chat while she will only call if she needs something.

I get my pessimism and fears from my mother. She always sees the worst in things and I’ve broken that habit REAL quick once I realized what I was doing. I feel pity for her most of the time. I can’t explain why I do, but when I look at her my heart breaks and I want to hold her and tell her it’ll be ok. I can’t talk to her that much because her boyfriend doesn’t like her taking care of us or helping us. So I really have a fucked up, complicated relationship with her.

This is quite a short post and I apologize. There’s not really a lot I would like to share about my parents.


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