5 Happy Things

Today the question is: what are five things that make you happy right now? Taking this into consideration, does this mean right at this moment or this time of my life or this day? Who knows but I’m going with this time of my life. People are made happy by many many things. Here are my five and the reasons.

1. Jesse

Of course he is number one. My life, light, rock, and total annoyance unto all things I do. I can’t go a day without telling him I love him.

2. Mass Effect!!

You can thank Jesse for this one. I bought ME3 for him as a birthday gift and he talked me into playing from ME1. Damn him. It happens every time.

3. Penguins!

These animals will always be my favorite. One reason being that once a penguin finds a mate they stay together for life. Jesse and I see ourselves in penguins because of this.

4. My Kindle Fire


IT’S AMAZING! I got mine for the Winter Solstice and it’s been my best friend since. Amazingly enough, this pic has all the books I read.

5. My Belief

It’s not just Paganism that makes me happy but Atheism as well. It’s really a long story about it and can wait another day.

Aaand there’s my five things that make me happy right now.


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