Hardest Thing Ever

Number six on the thirty things list is what is the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. Thinking back on it I’m not quite sure unless you count working the remodel at Wally World. So does this question involve the death of a loved one, school, sports, what? I could include the birth of my second niece. That was the first time I’ve seen a woman’s vagina do things it really shouldn’t do. Wonderful abstinence for the young folk in my opinion.

In the end I think I will go with the remodel of the local Wal Mart. To be honest it was three months of pure, unadulterated hell. This remodel was for the WHOLE store. Everything was changing. I was going on four months without a job and Jesse thought it would be cool if I worked there with him. I put my app in and two days later got a call for an interview. I had no idea what was in store for me.

The temporary supervisor was a tiny blond woman who had the biggest stick up her ass. Oh, she was evil. So I had to deal with that on top of dealing with these things called gondola wheels. They are basically jacks that you hook up to the counters and move them. These things weigh a good forty pounds and came in steel containers. It was shit. That’s all you need to know and pray you never have to come into contact with one.

They reek of evil.

So three months solid of this crap, but hey, I ended up working permanent for Wal Mart and it’s a hell of a lot better than Taco Hell.


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