Dream Job

Day 7 is about my dream job. What is my dream job and why is it as such? I suppose it would be something that I do every day: writing. I enjoy writing. I always say that I read way too much for my own good. It’s true.

When I was young, I would read everything I could get my hands on; magazines, encyclopedias, my grandmother’s old school books. I remember being hooked on The American Girl series. The elementary school library had ALL of them and I would read them at least ten times over. All that reading led to me wanting to imagine. Worlds were open to me that I couldn’t grab hold of in the real world. All afternoon my parents would catch me immersed in one book or another. I didn’t watch tv all that much and I usually stayed in my room out of trouble, so why would they complain.

I remember in sixth grade my teacher started reading Harry Potter to the class after our work was done. I was sold. Shortly after I started thinking about what would happen if this situation occurred to Harry or what if there was another character? Soon enough I wanted to be in those stories. That all led to me writing my own stories. To be honest, I have no idea where they are now and I would be terribly embarrassed if they were ever found, but that is what started my writing.

From there it was cake and I haven’t stopped since. Many of my stories aren’t public. I only let a trusted few read them and critique. One day though, I plan to be an accomplished writer making a living off the words I print to paper. It’s hard work but I keep at it and it makes me happy.


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