Passions Passions Passions

Number 8 on my list is 5 passions that I have. One of the definitions of Passion is “a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept.” Other than that, the definitions get a little too extreme for what this post is about. There are many factors in my life that make me a very passionate person. If you ever meet me, I am known for my “out there” attitude toward many subjects that may be brought up in conversation. I usually wear my heart on my sleeve and let my emotions pour out like a fountain. Some people may say that it’s not healthy to do so, but why bottle it up and hide who you are if you don’t show people what gets your gears going?

1. Writing

Of course I’m sure you could have figured that out by now if you’ve read this far. Explanation in previous post.

2. Music

All my life I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t listening to music. I thrive on it. There’s something about it that makes my soul move and dance around. It is proven that music can do wondrous things to people like manipulate emotions, put them into a trance like state, and even help them heal spiritual, emotionally and physically. In middle school I learned how to read music and picked up playing the piano. Sky also taught me how to play a couple of things on guitar. Nonetheless, hearing the music is my love out of all of it.

3. Video Games

This comic certainly holds true as to what a “gamer girl” is. I don’t usually like to put gender to gamers, but hey, it’s a title I’m extremely proud of (and so is Jesse). You can blame him for most of my gaming. I used to play when I was younger. Dad got me a few consoles growing up, but when I got with Jesse he introduced me to new games and I was wholeheartedly hooked. Damn him. I guess it’s the whole idea of being drawn into a fantasy world like writing or reading. Only I get to be the character….muahahahaha!

4. Harry Potter

Yeah, I know. Criticize all you want, but I do not give a flying fuck. Lol. When people hear that I am a Potter fan they assume I’ll go all fangirl on them and shriek and whoop about it. No. Just no. I’m not one of those Beiber girls or Twitards. Growing up was hard for me. My parents split when I was fifteen. All I had was books, mainly the works of Ms. Rowling. The characters became my friends and they taught me a lot about life and how to live it. No, I don’t think I’m a wizard and I sure as hell am not a satanist. The books were a big part of my life and I owe most of who I am today to that series. I even got tats!

Also our wedding will be styled after the world created by JK Rowling.

5. Penguins

Anyone who knows me knows that I like penguins. Okay, I LOVE them. It’s hard to explain why but I just do. I admit that I wouldn’t have one as a pet but I would actually fangirlgasm if I got to work at the aquarium with them. It’s always for my friends to see me geek out when we go see them in Chattanooga. AAAHHH I LOVE PENGUINS!

Aw, look at the little Gentoos!


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