My Kryptonite

I’m suppose to share five of my weaknesses. I believe that’s a bad idea if my arch nemesis finds out. I think I’ll put small ones on here so no one can use is against me. Paranoid much?

1. Chocolate

Every woman’s weakness…..if they don’t hate chocolate. I actually have a friend who hates it. She’s a blasphemer! You give me chocolate and I’m a happy camper. It’s kinda like the whole Klondike Bar thing. Don’t tempt me.

2. Penguins

If you want me incapacitated, show me a penguin and you can pretty much kick the shit out of me.

3. Video Games

If someone said,” Hey, you wanna play a video game?” I’ll be all “Hell fuckin yeah!” Then you can burgle my house all you want really.

P.S. I own this particular controller. It’s mine and no one else uses it in the house. Period.

4. Villains

I admit. I have a thing for the bad guy. Not my fault they have to be better looking than the hero. Sue me. Happens to me almost every time I watch a movie or play a game. I would make a horrible sidekick. Here are some of my favorites:

*fangirl squee*

most any guy who plays Dracula

anytime Gary Oldman plays a villain

Okay, I’ll stop.

5. Foot Rubs

I think that goes without saying.


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