Achievement Unlocked

At 23 years old, you’d think that I haven’t accomplished much in my life. If you’re counting huge, life changing things, then no. Everyone needs to count the little things too.

I think my first greatest accomplishment was actually graduating high school. I’m the only one out of three children to walk across the stage and receive my diploma. Best night of my life considering that’s when Jesse proposed.

My next accomplishment is making one of the top students in the country. I really don’t remember what is was for but I was put in a book.

In eighth grade I wrote a poem that went into a book. It was called “The Soul’s Maze”. I was so proud of that.

Making Advanced Choir in high school.

This is the Community Choir I was in after high school. Mrs. D, in the very front, was my teacher through all of it. I love her so. I’m in the front row, fifth from the left…..ya know, with the red hair.

Lastly, not having children before the age of 18. I consider that something to be proud of in this little town. There’s something in the water.


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