“Always Forgive Your Enemies….

Nothing annoys them so much” – Oscar Wilde

I’ve had to forgive a lot of things in the past. Out of all of them, one was the hardest and worst I’ve had to deal with. It involves a former friend I had in high school. I won’t go into much detail. Just know that it was like having your heart ripped out and you felt such an anger that you wanted to draw the flame from the sun to purge their very soul. There was a lot of deceit, lies, and confusion revolving around the whole situation. If you haven’t listened to any advice I’ve given you before, take this: Be careful who you trust with your whole heart. I’ve forgiven her and moved on. She’s moved on as well and I pray she’s happy. You never forget where you come from no matter how deep you push it into the recesses of your mind. Maybe one day we’ll talk again. Maybe.


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