Crusading Casey

I remember in third grade my teacher told the class to come up with a superhero. I was about eight or nine, but I remember distinctly the drawing I had done. It was me wearing gold and red with a circlet and arm guards. I was called Crusading Casey and I wrote a story about my character fighting an evil villain called Jackhammer Jacob, which I based from a boy in the next row. Now that I think about it, it’s totally ridiculous and funny as hell.

I digress.

The main point of this post is what superpower I would have and how I would use it. I think I’ll take it from my old superhero: Invisibility. I could get away with so many things. Not bad things, but helpful ones. Also, I love eavesdropping. I love making mischief…..if no one gets hurt. Imagine scaring people in a store or finding out a drug plot or something. That would be awesome.

Short post I know. But I’m tired.


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