What do you do for fun?

You’re basically looking at it. 😀

1. Obviously

No seriously though. I do write……a shit ton. Sometimes if you’re lucky you can catch me at work writing in a little notebook. I can’t help myself. I have come to the conclusion many many times that I really don’t have anyone to talk to about particular things. So I write them.

2. Gaming

I. Am. A. Gamer. Girl. I’ve been through the whole “not the cutesy wutesy chick in panties and a bra.” I sit in my pajamas and play for hours on end. Newest obsession?

Oh Kaiden….you lovely douchebag. Still not as cool as Vakarian.

I still play the hell out of Skyrim. Why? New DLCs mainly.

3. Jewelry Making

I think I’m pretty good at it. It’s fun. I do sell some things to friends, but I mostly wear what I make. I have strange tastes.

Yep….made this.

4. Piano

Kind of pointless to repeat myself from previous posts, isn’t it?

5. Cross Stitching

I have taken up a new hobby! I’m learning to cross stitch. Sometimes I have a real bad tick that makes me try new things and I get too in depth and can’t stop. This is one of those cases. HELP ME!


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