Last Night of the Kings

Ok, I know it’s been a while since posting but we were getting ready for a trip that is now a tradition with me and Jess. Our friends, Samantha and Kelly, introduced Jesse into the Renaissance troupe that we had in White Co. Our middle school used to do this whole Ren Faire where the students dressed up and it was a legit faire. Eventually he pulled me into it as well and for the first time last year we went to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival in Franklin, Tn. I never thought I would have so much fun. I have such an overactive imagination and I LOVE the fact that people get into character there. Oh, it was so overwhelming. I mean they had for real fucking jousting! Old men on horses trying to dismount their opponents. One of them was representing Loch Lomand…..thank you Mrs. D. for making love it. lol.

Anyway, this year we decided to take our friends Ross, Micah, and Merlin (yeah….that is his real name) with us. They had a really good time as did the rest of us. Micah stayed with me most of the time and we watched the performers. Jesse, Ross, and Merlin went off to their own thing but when we met up every now and then it was fantastic. What I can’t believe is the guys ditched Micah and me during the Washing Well Wenches……pussies.

Never fear though….I has picture……last year and this one. Enjoy.

Me and Ross matchin’ it up!

Micah and Me…..and epic purse man in the back.

Jesse and Me….the Bonnie and Clyde of the Pirates!

This is Kelly…yeah he’s a man…and yeah, those are fox ears.

Samantha, me and Jesse.

Sam’s cousin Nikki in my favorite mask. She’s so pretty. Lol


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