Skyrim Horses in Anime?

Ross has the weirdest ways of introducing me to new anime. He has this thing where he quotes things and I have no idea where they’re from….so curiosity gets the better of me and I HAVE to know what he’s talking about. There is this one instance where he would say,” Are you ready guys? Get ya guns on!!” and i would stare cluelessly at him. Well I found out it was from an anime called Senguko Basara: Samurai Heroes. This is what he was talking about.

For some reason….it repeats and you’ll have to stop it yourself.

Now I watched this anime and came to the conclusion it was pretty freakin epic. Good choice for Shonen fans. But there is this one character called Shingen Takeda or the Tiger of Kai. Intimidating fellow. He rides TWO horses. Seriously, plants one foot on each and rides them into battle. The thing is….they’re Skyrim horses. If you’ve never played Skyrim, here’s what I mean.

Skyrim horses say,” Fuck physics!”

As well as these:


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