I Thought What You Said In the Pulpit Was Sacred

Some people may not like this post, but I have to do it. Others might say that I have no right to say anything since I am not a Christian. I say, Fuck you. I’m not going to go into a deeply religious rant on my beliefs or yours. Frankly, I don’t care. No, really, I don’t. What I care about is people being bigoted assholes to fellow humans who don’t deserve it. They hate because “the Bible says.” Well, my friend, the Bible says many a thing and you wouldn’t do half as much if you actually read it.

Now to my point. I came across a video recently of a woman being interviewed about a particular sermon her preacher did that caught national attention. This preacher being Pastor Charles L. Worley of the Providence Road Baptist Church. I feel shameful living in the south thanks to people like this, feeding into the stereotypes of rednecks and retards. What I heard from this sermon was downright sickening. How could anyone who claims to have the “love of Jesus” say such cruel things about other people? I want to call it indoctrination. Either way, he’s stupid. He’s ignorant and I hope the most flamboyant, flaming homosexual man comes up and kisses him right on the cocksucker right before say “I love you because God loves you.”

If this is starting to offend you, stop reading. People don’t seem to realize that and just keep going. Like this guy:

Not only did he get the attention of the national media, his followers were in on it too. Didn’t help matters much, but let’s just say the woman tried. Anderson Cooper…….I love you. Rule 1: If you or your church is being accused of hate and all that other goodness that comes with diarrhea of the mouth, DO NOT LET AN IGNORANT, STICK-IN-HER-ASS, VAIN, SOUTHERN CUNT TALK FOR YOU! Besides, she’s a woman. According to you, shouldn’t she be making babies or something?

When you preach to a crowd of lovely church going people, guide them in the way of the Lord. Don’t tell them what YOU think should be done. Don’t joke about you trying to get a bill passed for genocide. That’s demoralizing and degrading on your part. Teach them what Jesus taught his followers. That’s mainly in the New Testament. Get out of the Old Testament and go with Jesus, not with the Jews (totally not dissing the Jews, they are a lovely people). And for fuck’s sake, YOU PREACH POLITICS IN YOUR PULPIT YOU BETTER START PAYING TAXES!


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