Oldest City Part 3 The Lighthouse

If you ever go to St. Augustine, you will for sure see the iconic lighthouse.


This is the same lighthouse that was featured on the show Ghost Hunters a few years back. They caught some pretty good stuff. Jesse and I did the Dark of the Moon Tour that takes place after dark. It’s a ghost hunting tour that takes you into the lighthouse and museum across the way. I didn’t have a really good camera at the time so I didn’t get any good photos. Our guide’s name was Matt, who is amazing with groups of people. He is also a huge Doctor Who fan. I will put up pictures from their Facebook page and leave the link below.

301428_10150408861835021_1090198960_nThe photographer is this particular photo is unknown to the employees of the lighthouse, but you can see a peeking figure looking over one of the landings.

Ah! Eyeballs!

Ah! Eyeballs!

A lady named Liz Mahmoud took this and enhanced it. It’s believed to be one of the little girls who drowned.

It’s things like this that happen on a daily basis in the lighthouse and the caretaker’s house. Jesse and I didn’t experience much other than readings on our EMF detectors. Honestly… I’m a smoker and I’m not in the best of shape. I will NEVER climb the lighthouse again unless I’ve quit smoking and got into better shape. By the fifth landing, I didn’t care what was gonna happen. Ghosts or whatever couldn’t have bothered me at that point. I was too exhausted.

If you ever go to St. Augustine, stop at the lighthouse. You will not regret making it to the top and looking over the ocean. Even at night it’s amazing. Ask for Matt.




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