Two Points from Across the Sea

Alright so it’s not across a body of water that this happened, but when you think about the amount of time and the distance, it sure as hell feels worlds apart. It the strangest thing when you work so hard to physically and spiritually try to banish someone from your life and all of a sudden they’re there. The exhaustion I felt trying to push everything about this person out of my mind, sight, and touch was immense. I thought I had accomplished it. There was no trace of this person left, or so I thought.

There was a bond I had with a particular person that ran deep. She was my sister in crime. We were a pair that would hardly be seen separately. From middle school to graduation, it was the typical best friends forever relationship, but as always the real world reared its ugly head and adulthood slammed down on us. I noticed I didn’t want to let go of that connection I had with, not only her, but everyone else in our circle. Things took a very horrible turn.

Sometimes women lose friends due to the men they allow into their lives. Sometimes they don’t realize it until it’s too late that something is wrong. I think this is one such situation. Mind you, this is just from my point of view. I can’t speak for others, especially her. I noticed one day the man she brought into her life was a bit off. Next thing you know, they’re married and she’s moving. There was a cacophony of deceit and lies that I don’t wish to elaborate on, but will admit their origins of the previously mentioned male. She disappeared after a nasty incident that involved a hospital trip. This man was poison and I didn’t have a way to tell her. I felt helpless.

Some time went on and just a couple of days ago, I get a message on Facebook from her. I was frozen as I read her words over and over. It saddens me to say that she had lost a best friend and that loss made her remember me. I had to think for a while of what I was going to say. She basically apologized and asked to rekindle our friendship. After going through some more drama brought on by people I thought  were my friends, I was a bit iffy but grateful that someone would overcome so much to contact me again. It was very heartfelt and sincere. I couldn’t have asked for better. It’s crazy how hard I worked to get her out of my life. I did ask some advice from a close friend and as a result I responded. I broke a barrier I had put up for so long and worked so long to reinforce. You know what, though… it was totally worth it. I think things are going to get better.

Sometimes you can’t fight the universe. Things will happen and, as a superior species, we will adapt. It’s just up to you whether you want to accept it or not. I chose to accept it. I choose not to regret it.


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