**Datura is a poison and acts as a skin irritant if touched. Do not ingest without professional guidance**


Datura is of the nightshade family. It contains belladonna alkaloids. High doses lead to central excitation, compulsive chatter, delirium, hallucination, mania, and restlessness, often followed by exhaustion and lethargy and/or sleep.

Dature is also known as Angel’s Trumpets, Moonflowers, Devil’s Apple, Ghost Flower, Jimsonweed, Love-Will, Mad Apple, Madherb, Manicon, Stinkweed, Sorcerer’s Herb, Thornapple, Toloache, Witches’ Thimble, Yerba del Diablo (Herb of the Devil).

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Saturn

Element: Water

Powers: Hex Breaking, Sleep, Protection

It was used in Shamanic practices and religious rites and the Aztecs considered the plant to be sacred.

Magickal Uses: used to break spells by sprinkling it around the home. If insomnia persists night after night, it may be cured by placing some datura leaves into each shoe then setting the shoes under the bed with toes pointing outward the nearest wall. A few leaves placed the crown of a hat protects the wearer from apoplexy and sunstroke.

Used as: Anesthetic, anti asthmatic, antihitimanic, antiinflammatory, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, sedative, stimulant, fungicide, hallucinogen, hypnotic, mydriatic, narcotic, poison, sedative.

Used to treat: abscess, acidity, alopecia, apoplexy, asthma, ataxia, boil, bruise, burn, cancer, childbirth, colic, convulsion, cough, cramp, dandruff, delirium, dermatosis, diarrhea, earache, ecstasy, emphysema, epilepsy, fever, fits, flu, fracture, fungus, gout, headache, heatstroke, hemorrhoid, hiccup, hydrophobia, hyperacidity, hysteria, infection, inflammation, influenza, insomnia, madness, mania, melancholy, motion sickness, nymphomania, pain, paralysis, parasite, parkinson’s, psychosis, rheumatism, sciatica, sore, sore throat, spasm, sprain, stammering, thirst, tremor, tuberculosis, trismus, tuberculosis, ulcer, wart, wound.


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