Oh, Ye of Little Education



When I’m hanging around Facebook doing my thing, I sometimes get messages from people who have encountered a certain breed of people. You know the kind: simple minded, selfish, arrogant, sense of entitlement. I’m always surprised by the stupidity that pops up on the newsfeeds of FaceSpace.

This particular instance happened not too long ago and I was sent screen shots of the discussion. I don’t think I could have facepalmed any harder. I want to share this with you all in hopes that you can educate others… and laugh at this jackass. Of course, all names and photos are censored to protect identity, but not their idiocy.
This is part one where I’m going to make a post about this man’s status and critique it. The second part will be the reactions of fellow Facebookers and his responses. You’ll want to stay around for that, I promise.


This is a status…

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