Start of A Pagan Studying the Bible

For a few years now I have been doing Bible studies with Terri. I never really liked studying the Bible. It was always the same to me. The studies never went in depth and explained what was going on or who these people were in the book. So I took a chance and went with Terri to a precept class taught by a beautiful soul we call Ness. If I recall correctly, I think the first one I did was on the book of Obadiah. As we all know Obadiah is only one chapter, but I was hooked. The Precept on Precept studies were created by Kay Arthur. Precept Ministries is based out of Chattanooga and includes dozens of different studies.

I actually had fun doing these studies so I decided I will record what I’ve learned on this blog and see what we can discover. I might change the title of the series when I come up with something a little more catchy. There will still be posts on herbs and deities and book reviews as well as my gaming posts so no worries. I hope you enjoy.

Footnote: When looking for images there were absolutely no creative commons images for Kay or the Precept logo. If prompted I will remove them, but I just wanted to throw that out there: you can find ALMOST anything under creative commons except this Christian organization.


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